Moon Lit by Britt

Selenite + Palo Santo Bundle


Oh girllllllll, you need the whole package? I got you. 

This Selenite crystal and Palo Santo wood bundle is great for any type of energy healing and a perfect combination to keep you and your home filled with joy. 

Promotes healing and overall well-being.


Palo santo wood, which is also known as "holy wood," is sweet yet woodsy, with notes of pine and lemon. 

Works to instantly increase relaxation and raise the vibration of any space. 


An excellent stone for use in protection grids, selenite enhances the properties of other stones. Did you know it's one of the only self-cleansing stones? It helps to remove blockages causing chakra imbalance and acts as a grounding and protective stone. 

This bundle is energetically charged in moon light by Britt. 


Includes one Palo Santo wood stick and one Raw Selenite Crystal stick, approximately 4" in length. Each bundle is unique, size + color will vary.

Bundle is wrapped in biodegradable string. 

4 pieces in stock

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