moon lit britt about buddha candle vibes

Working with the magick. 

I believe in conscious consumerism, intentional self-care, and crusading for the environment. 
I’ve been crafting candles for my altar with intention for years.
I wanted to create a brand that was not only good for the soul, but good for mama Earth.
Handmade sustainably in the USA by a badass woman. 

What's with the Zero Waste?

There is no such thing as an ethically perfect product, but I carefully choose every raw material to meet sustainable standards.


I strive to use ingredients and companies that are associated with fair trade and vegan production. Many products are ethically sourced from region specific plants, and support a holistic approach to mind-body connection.

Moon Lit candles contain natural ingredients like soy wax, a calculated amount of pure, organic essential oils, organic jojoba oil, cleansed and charged crystals and gemstones, and cotton wicks free of zinc and lead. 

Not to mention the wax is infused with naturally-occurring stone, giving the melt pool a pearl-like shimmer and glisten of glitter- without the plastic.

What's with the soy?

You're soy observant! I do make a fuss about the type of wax in these candles. Here's why:

Many candles on the market contain a myriad of toxic chemicals and materials, and release harmful particulate matter into the air.

I choose to work with soy wax because it is a carbon-neutral renewable resource. 

Soy wax is vegan and biodegradable. There are no preservatives or synthetics added. Every single candle is paraben and paraffin-free, offering a cleaner burn.

What's with the ritual?

Cleansing bad vibes is a necessary part of the process. I don't want any bad juju infused in your candle, they are too precious, just like you!

♥  Before the wax is melted, my workspace is cleansed with sage and cleared of negative energies
♥  Every single recycled, cleaned jar and lid is prepared
♥  Stones and crystals are charged in moon water and pink salt before placement
♥  Each candle is set with a stone or crystal that works in unison with the chosen oils to provide harmonious healing

What's the best method of care for my candle?

♥  I recommended a burn time of 4 hours max for safety reasons. Be sure to trim the wick to 1/4" before each lighting to prevent wick curling.
♥  Make sure you are trimming your wick! This part is so important for the quality of the burn and for your general safety whenever enjoying candles. Use a wick trimmer or a simple finger pinch of the wick. I'm a huge fan of using nail clippers too!
♥  As a safety precaution, never leave wick trimmings or other debris in your candle jar! 
♥  Always allow the melt pool to reach the edges of the jar before extinguishing. This will prevent tunneling, a build-up of wax along the sides of the jar, and allows for even burning.
♥ The best way to extinguish your candle is by gently blowing out the flame. Never attempt to extinguish a candle using water.
♥ Never leave a candle unattended or in reach of children, pets or a draft. 
♥ Make sure candle is placed away from fire hazards (I'm looking at you flammable paper and foliage). 
♥  Allow the jar to cool completely before handling.
This candle is gonna take care of you so goood, so give it a little TLC in return. 

How to cleanse and raise the vibes? 

There are many ways to cleanse and charge your stones and crystals, or even yourself! When using these practices in unison with smudging, you're gonna  vibrate so high, your soul will be lit.

♥  Place stones and crystals under a full moon and let them bathe in the moonlight overnight 
What makes my candles moonlit? YOU CAUGHT ME. I'm continuously working with the moon's energy to help purify, ground, and cleanse my materials (okay she gives me a good soul scrubbing too)
♥  Place your stones and crystals on selenite, a stone full of cleansing energy, which you can purchase here!
♥  Smudge them with cleansing herbs like Sage, Palo Santo, Mugwort, Myrrh, Cedar, or Sweetgrass (just to name a few!)
♥  Cleanse them in a bowl of salt water! I personally use Himalayan pink salt. Salt purifies and absorbs negative energy. Please note: not all rocks are water-friendly and some crystals disintegrate when wet. Common stones that should avoid water are moonstone, turquoise, amber, and a lot of the ones that end in "ite" like selenite
I love all of this, you sound cool! Can we distance socially? 
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I hope these candles bring a sweet moment of intention to your daily routine

Thank you for your support!