reusable glass jar oakland california wax candle

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If you have a question, email me at moonlitbybritt@gmail.com and I can answer any questions you may have!

I will refill any candle jar you have- 

If you send in a Moon Lit candle, you will get 50% off your next one!  

Simply email me and I will send you a discount code for your next purchase upon receiving your old jar. 

IF YOU ARE LOCAL (San Diego) you can drop the jar off for free, or I will come pick it up for a small fee. 

Unfortunately, if you are sending the candle from anywhere else, you will need to cover shipping, but I will provide a label. 

If your head is spinning and you just want to keep supporting my shop since all my products are recycled and/or sustainable, I have posted a DIY GUIDE so you can clean and re-purpose your jar yourself! 

Thank you for shopping sustainably!