The Scent

black sea volcano moon lit by britt

Together, Liz and I have created a new fragrance line with a limited edition scent only available at Moon Lit by Britt! 

We're so excited for you to enjoy our Black Sea Volcano candle. 

Reminiscent of long days spent at the sea – soothingly salty sea mist with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla evoke the calm mystery of the ocean. Plus a brightening blend of citrus, strawberries, raspberries, and jasmine exude a feeling of farewell to the last sweet moments of summer. 

This scent blend is as captivating as the Black Sea itself, erupting with sensuality and mystique. 

Perfect for any setting, this fragrance blend is infused with natural essential oils, including cardamom seed, clove leaf, mandarin, and orange.

Meet Liz Johnson! 

liz johnson bay area art candles san francisco california
Liz is a Bay Area native who currently resides in San Francisco, CA. This creative cutie LOVES making art. With paint and canvas as her mediums, she brings to life feminine energy with each stroke of pigment. Her art evokes abstract emotion and thoughtful playfulness. 
Her paintings are inspired by life itself. She draws creativity from plants and nature, and always tries to reflect the natural world in her work.
She is inspired by the human body, specifically the female form. She feels women tend to be too hard on themselves and try to fit into unattainable societal standards that simply don't exist. Through her work, she presents the raw, unwavering beauty of womanhood. 
Influenced by curves of another kind, Liz integrates abstract movement inspired by funky structures found in architecture and home design. She contours the tangible elements of our lives and breathes new meaning into their movement and anima. 
Liz incorporates heavily the use of color in her technique, contrasting vibrant pops of color with intricate patterns. She is drawn toward creating big and striking pieces the most, as she can really pour herself into it. 
In such a traumatic time in the world, art has been Liz's escape and has helped her find freedom in the uncertainty. She hopes this sentiment is reflected in her pieces.
Liz is excited to have been able to provide art for Moon Lit by Britt's amazing candles [her words ;)]. She claims to have a candle obsession of her own, and is grateful for this serendipitous pairing!
You can view and purchase all of Liz's pieces, as well as request commissions, on Instagram: @art_by_lizziejo.
Liz enjoys collaboration and creating something special for her clients. 
She will be launching her website in the upcoming weeks with lots of new pieces, as well as some other fun new mediums, so follow her Insta to stay informed! 
Check out some of her work below: 
Want to collaborate with Britt? Send me an email at!