Meet Tanya Vincent! 

Tanya Vincent hails from the western Russian town of Novosibirsk, a place with harsh winters but also lovely, sweltering summers. As a child, she had a taste for elegance and ideality, often expressed in the form of prancing around in the living room for hours in various DIY evening gowns - moments forever immortalized on VHS. 

At 6, she moved to California with her family, cementing an internal cultural split within her forever, something that continues to be a blessing and a curse. Throughout her school years, she leaned towards artistic subjects - drawing, crafting, photography, dance, gymnastics, piano - whether by parental insistence or of her own volition. Most likely both. In fact, she owes a lot of her creative thinking to her family, people who in their own way, and across generations, have had a sharp alignment with the artistic expression of life. She has many fond memories of museum visits, living room concerts, and home-made theatrical productions. 

At university, Tanya did a sharp 180 and switched from Interior Design to Marketing – a result of both fear and the inescapable pressure to succeed. What she didn’t realize while she was busy regretting her non-artistic major of choice, was that all roads lead to Rome eventually, and Marketing actually allowed her to develop her creative expression with more freedom.  

Throughout her career in tech Marketing, the need to create quietly bubbled on the sidelines - a doodle here, a doodle there. Now she is slowly ramping up, allowing the pot to boil over so to speak, and transcribing the endless landscape of daily life onto paper. Often, on her lunch break, she munches on the butt of a pencil instead of a sandwich. She loves to draw people, but not realistically. She loves clean lines, deep and soft colors, and mixing materials and texture. The most valuable lesson she’s learned through drawing is the importance of childlike curiosity. 

These days, she lives in San Mateo with her French husband, Quentin, and two adopted cats, Merlin and Berlioz. 

You can view Tanya's amazing artwork on Instagram: @crwd_control.


Check out some of her work below:
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