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Don't be tarot-fied, the cards are here to guide!

I've been practicing tarot for 6 years. As an intuitive, I've turned time and time again to my oracle decks and tarot cards to draw out, literally and figuratively, divine wisdom. Look, sometimes the world is spinning and we reach for signs. Sometimes the waters are muddy and we're simply fishing on our last line. 

The intersection of psychology and spirituality, western and eastern medicine, that grey area of that which can be defined, and that which cannot, is where play and service meet. 

Tarot is a translation service. In my continued practice, I would love to honor your energy and continue practicing card reading - if you're curious, lend me 2 minutes of your time and read below...

🔮 How it Works:

  1. Choose Your Donation: My tarot readings are accessible to all, as you have the freedom to choose the donation amount, if any, that resonates with you. Whether it's a small contribution or more, the energy and intention behind it matter most.
  2. Connect with Britt: Once you've made your donation, I, with your permission, will connect with your energy and divine guides to delve into the cards, offering personalized insights and guidance.
  3. Choose Your Spread: Love reading? Career inquiry? General guidance? Prefer not to say? 
  4. Receive Your Reading: How you receive your reading is up to you! Wanna meet in Balboa Park (sorry - only local San Diego cats and kittens)? Prefer a phone call? Leaning toward a video meeting? Embrace the messages, gain clarity, giggle a little, and find the guidance you seek - that which is already within you, but might need a safe space to express itself fully.

Once you place your order, I will reach out via email to setup a time and method that works best for you.

💖 Why Choose Donation-Based Tarot? I believe that the guidance of tarot should be available to everyone. All divination tools and rituals along the spiritual path produce beneficial results if you want them to - we're tapping into the subconscious, which can be spooky in its own way. I aim to create an inclusive and supportive space where seekers from all walks of life can access the transformative energy of tapping into that which cannot be seen nor understood.

🌠 PLEASE NOTE: I am not a professional psychic nor reader. I do not claim I can tell fortunes, predict the future, nor read your mind. We are all interconnected beings and have a lot of love to exchange and wisdom to gain from one another. I am not a licensed therapist. I simply devote time and energy to my own spiritual healing, soul retrieval, and understanding of the history of cartomancy. 

Don't worry, I won't bend words much further. No tarot-ble puns here; just mystical insights!

DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO DONATE. $0 IS JUST AS APPRECIATED AS $20+. I am so grateful you are granting me occupation of your space and this is just as much a learning and growing opportunity for me as it is a (hopefully) beautiful experience for you. 

With love and light,


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